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Real estate for sale primarily north of I-70 to the Iowa state line and west of U.S. Hwy. 65 to the Missouri River
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Cities with Post office Zip Codes Northwest Missouri:

, County
Agency, MO64401Buchanan County
Albany, MO64402Gentry County
Allendale, MO64420Worth County
Alma, MO64001Lafayette County
Altamont, MO64620Daviess County
Amazonia, MO64421Andrew County
Amity, MO64422Dekalb County
Arrow Rock, MO65320Saline County
Avalon, MO64621Livingston County
Barnard, MO64423Nodaway County
Bates City, MO64011Lafayette County
Bedford, MOLivingston County
Bethany, MO64424Harrison County
Big Lake, MO64437Holt County
Bigelow, MO64425Holt County
Blackburn, MO65321Saline County
Blythedale, MO64426Harrison County
Bogard, MO64622Carroll County
Bolckow, MO64427Andrew County
Braymer, MO64624Caldwell County
Breckenridge, MO64625Caldwell County
Brimson, MO64642Grundy County
Burlington Junction, MO64428Nodaway County
Cainsville, MO64632Harrison County
Camden, MO64017Ray County
Camden Point, MO64018Platte County
Cameron, MO64429Clinton County
Carrollton, MO64633Carroll County
Carrollton, MO64633Carroll County
Chillicothe, MO64601Livingston County
Chula, MO64635Livingston County
Clarksdale, MO64430Dekalb County
Clearmont, MO64431Nodaway County
Clyde, MO64432Nodaway County
Coffey, MO64636Daviess County
Conception, MO64433Nodaway County
Conception Junction, MO64434Nodaway County
Concordia, MO64020Lafayette County
Corder, MO64021Lafayette County
Corning, MO64435Holt County
Cosby, MO64436Andrew County
Cowgill, MO64637Caldwell County
Craig, MO64437Holt County
Darlington, MO64438Gentry County
Dawn, MO64638Livingston County
Dearborn, MO64439Platte County
Dekalb, MO64440Buchanan County
Denver, MO64441Worth County
Dewitt, MO64639Carroll County
Dover, MO64022Lafayette County
Eagleville, MO64442Harrison County
Easton, MO64443Buchanan County
Edgerton, MO64444Platte County
Elmo, MO64445Nodaway County
Emma, MO65327Lafayette County
Emma, MO65327Saline County
Excelsior Springs, MO64024Clay County
Fairfax, MO64446Atchison County
Fairport, MO64447Dekalb County
Farley, MO64028Platte County
Farmersville, MO64601Livingston County
Faucett, MO64448Buchanan County
Fillmore, MO64449Andrew County
Forest City, MO64451Holt County
Fortescue, MO64452Holt County
Gallatin, MO64640Daviess County
Galt, MO64641Grundy County
Gentry, MO64453Gentry County
Gilliam, MO65330Saline County
Gilman City, MO64642Daviess County
Gladstone, MO64116Clay County
Gladstone, MO64118Clay County
Gladstone, MO64119Clay County
Gladstone, MO64155Clay County
Gladstone, MO64156Clay County
Gladstone, MO64165Clay County
Gladstone, MO64166Clay County
Gladstone, MO64188Clay County
Gower, MO64454Clinton County
Graham, MO64456Nodaway County
Grand Pass, MO65339Saline County
Grandview, MO64030Jackson County
Grandview, MO64030Jackson County
Grant City, MO64456Worth County
Guilford, MO64457Nodaway County
Hale, MO64643Livingston County
Hamilton, MO64644Caldwell County
Hardin, MO64035Ray County
Hatfield, MO64458Harrison County
Helena, MO64459Andrew County
Hemple, MO64490Clinton County
Henrietta, MO64036Ray County
Higginsville, MO64037Lafayette County
Holt, MO64048Clay County
Hopkins, MO64461Nodaway County
Jameson, MO64647Daviess County
Jamesport, MO64648Daviess County
Kearney, MO64060Clay County
Kidder, MO64649Caldwell County
King City, MO64463Gentry County
Kingston, MO64650Caldwell County
Laredo, MO64652Grundy County
Lathrop, MO64465Clinton County
Lawson, MO64062Ray County
Levasy, MO64066Platte County
Lexington, MO64067Lafayette County
Liberty, MO64068Clay County
Lock Springs, MO64654Daviess County
Ludlow, MO64656Livingston County
Maitland, MO64466Holt County
Malta Bend, MO65339Saline County
Marshall, MO65340Saline County
Marshall Junction, MO65340Saline County
Martinsville, MO64467Harrison County
Maryville, MO64468Nodaway County
Maysville, MO64469Dekalb County
Mayview, MO64071Lafayette County
Mcfall, MO64657Gentry County
Mercer, MO64661Mercer County
Miami, MO65344Saline County
Missouri City, MO64072Clay County
Mooresville, MO64664Livingston County
Mosby, MO64073Clay County
Mound City, MO64470Holt County
Mount Moriah, MO64665Harrison County
Napoleon, MO64074Lafayette County
Nelson, MO65347Saline County
New Hampton, MO64471Harrison County
Norborne, MO64668Ray County
Odessa, MO64076Lafayette County
Oregon, MO64473Holt County
Orrick, MO64077Ray County
Osborn, MO64474Dekalb County
Parnell, MO64475Nodaway County
Pattonsburg, MO64670Daviess County
Pickering, MO64476Nodaway County
Platte City, MO64079Platte County
Plattsburg, MO64477Clinton County
Polo, MO64671Caldwell County
Princeton, MO64673Mercer County
Quitman, MO64478Nodaway County
Ravenwood, MO64479Nodaway County
Raytown, MO64129Jackson County
Raytown, MO64133Jackson County
Raytown, MO64138Jackson County
Rayville, MO64084Ray County
Rea, MO64480Andrew County
Richmond, MO64085Ray County
Richmond, MO64085Ray County
Ridgeway, MO64481Harrison County
Rock Port, MO64482Atchison County
Rosendale, MO64483Andrew County
Rushville, MO64484Buchanan County
Savannah, MO64485Andrew County
Sheridan, MO64486Worth County
Skidmore, MO64487Nodaway County
Slater, MO65349Saline County
Smithton, MO65350Platte County
Smithville, MO64089Clay County
Spickard, MO64679Mercer County
St. Joseph, MO64501Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64502Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64503Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64504Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64505Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64506Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64507Buchanan County
St. Joseph, MO64508Buchanan County
Stanberry, MO64489Gentry County
Stet, MO64680Carroll County
Stewartsville, MO64490Dekalb County
Sweet Springs, MO65351Saline County
Tarkio, MO64491Atchison County
Tina, MO64682Carroll County
Trenton, MO64683Grundy County
Trimble, MO64492Clinton County
Turney, MO64493Clinton County
Union Star, MO64494Dekalb County
Utica, MO64686Livingston County
Wakenda, MO64687Carroll County
Waldron, MO64092Platte County
Watson, MO64492Atchison County
Waverly, MO64096Lafayette County
Weatherby, MO64497Dekalb County
Wellington, MO64097Lafayette County
Westboro, MO64498Atchison County
Weston, MO64098Platte County
Wheeling, MO64688Livingston County
Winston, MO64689Daviess County
Wood Heights, MO64024Ray County
Worth, MO64499Worth County


19 counties located north of I-70 to the Iowa state line and west of U.S. Hwy. 65 to the Missouri River

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Carrollton Area Chamber of Commerce
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